I found this in Creative Things and I liked it much.

Her Dresser Broke, So She Took Out All The Drawers! Who Knew They Could Be Used For THIS!

If you ever find yourself with a broken dresser, don’t get rid of it. There are 10 different ways to use the material of the furniture to create something new.
Like many dressers that grow old over time, sometimes when you’re ready to get rid of the piece of furniture, it’s because parts of it are broken beyond repair.Getting a new dresser and thinking of trashing the old one? 
Well keep the drawers! Here are 10 alternative ways to use drawers in your home.

Create a plastic wrap station

Organize the bathroom

Decorate your walls

Create a custom dollhouse

Hang up jackets

Store your dishes

Clean up the laundry room

Grow an indoor plant

De-clutter your doorway

Build a dog bed

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